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Enjoying wellness in places of energy

A family hotel with a classy sauna area for adults only

If, on your wellness holiday in South Tyrol, you chance upon our For Adults Only sauna world, you will experience one thing above all else: “I’m important now”. Hand-selected materials and exquisite accessories furnish this area of slowing-down and relaxation. Essential pine oil wafts through the air and warm stones from the depths of the earth, a natural energy store, pass their natural energy on to you. Beautiful interior design gives you room to breathe, and to step into a relationship with an ever-present primal energy.

The steam bath, Arolla pine sauna and a 90° Finnish mountain sauna with a panoramic view pass this primal energy on to our guests in concentrated form. The sauna world for adults is on three levels where heat and damp, silence and a retreat, and a breathtaking view of nature take you on a sensual journey towards your inner being. Living in the now, your “me-time” takes on a whole new quality capable of charging every cell in your body with energy.

Afterwards, when you take a dip in the sparkling whirlpool with a view up into the skies, with the awe-inspiring Dolomite mountains before your eyes, you will feel the sensation of being where you’re supposed to be, here at the end of the Pflersch Valley, where wellness and spa, unique in the Alps, are fuelled by natural resources and quality time is a guarantee for all ages.

Sensual natural materials, innovative design and a sophisticated spa concept come together to form a lasting wellness experience.

Family Sauna

The mountain peaks meet with the edge of the pool in the rooftop spa garden.

Outdoor Infinity Pool

Mountain SPA Video