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Swimming course for children

Lessons in the pool on holiday with children

A holiday on the water. Families at the family spa in the Feuerstein can live it to the full. With four different pools, water is centre stage always and everywhere. The baby pool, the kids’ pool with a 100 metre speed slide, the learning and sensory pool and the outdoor infinity pool entice you in to enjoy a spot of swimming and paddling year-round.
Children at the Feuerstein learn the basics of water during regular swimming courses with our trained swimming instructors. Front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke - during the swimming lessons, all strokes are taught.
Even the very youngest children can enjoy activities in the water. During baby swimming courses for children from one year and over, babies not only experience physical contact with mum and dad, but the buoyancy of the water means they can move with more lightness than they can on dry land, where their developing muscles have to deal with the force of gravity. Many children love it, and discover themselves and their bodies in a way which is simply not possible on dry land.

Babies develop their self-awareness and sense of their bodies when splashing around in the water.

Swimming pond

High fun-factor

Mud Room

Good combination: Learn how to swim on holiday.
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