South Tyrol

A modern place of power for families, surrounded by majestic mountains. On daily schedule:plenty of fun, games and free development!

South Tyrol

A small and very fine world of flavours at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort where you can truly experience the love of cooking and creating.


Dolce Vita in the Alps: The LaMonte Bistro in Kitzbühel delights with culinary compositions combined with an Alpine-Mediterranean lifestyle.


Aesthetics and fine living right next to the Hahnenkamm cable car: enjoy a luxurious holiday in our tasteful and sophisticated apartments.

South Tyrol

High-quality holiday apartments with wellness area, pool and breakfast service directly at the ski and hiking area Ladurns – perfect for nature lovers.

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Kinder streicheln Hase auf der Feuerstein Farm im Familienhotel Feuerstein in Südtirol


Our petting zoo is transformed into the Feuerstein farm!

A kingdom
for children

"I see the world the way i want to!"

The children's world at the Feuerstein family hotel

Our stars, our number one, our VIPs: at the Feuerstein, the little ones turn into the greatest superstars.

The children's world is their realm. With the support of our qualified child carers as well as nature education, toddlers and teenagers can explore their interests and live-out their individual needs, both indoors and outdoors. At the Feuerstein, children grow above themselves, discover new things, enjoy joint experiences and find their inner selves. For instance, while climbing in the play barn, crafting in the wood workshop or painting in the painting studio.

We forgo any frills and rely instead on genuineness, authenticity and nature-based experiences, thus providing an alpine holiday for the entire family!

Where nature is at home

Shrill, colourful and loud? No, the children's world at the Feuerstein is focused on the essentials, on what matters to us: nature. This pervades all the rooms. You can see it, smell it and sense it: there’s hay in the play barn, wood in the wood workshop, sand in the mud room. Indeed, Mother Earth is not only all around us – at the Feuerstein she is also at home.

Wood Workshop

Günther, the master craftsman, carves, planes, saws and files with little woodworkers. In the light-flooded wood workshop, parents and children develop unique wood creations from shared ideas. Work is carried out at child-friendly workbenches, round painting tables as well as in a separate soldering corner. Nothing that is built here exists twice – after all, there are no limits to the kids’ creativity!

Play Barn

This is where children embark on a journey of adventure! Where they venture into hay with great excitement, joyfully jump on the trampoline, courageously ascend Flammi's climbing wall and play with the wall labyrinth, wooden toys, Kapla building blocks or board games. Not to mention speeding down the slide or popping into new roles and the wonderful world of fantasy at the costume room.

Climbing wall

Conquer your limits and rise above yourself: the six metre high Flammi climbing wall offers a variety of well secured routes to reach its top. As mum or dad provide helpful tips from the ground during parent-child time, it is all about skill, courage and, above all, great teamwork. Step by step and grip by grip. Who will beat the record?

Mud Room

For children, one of the most wonderful sensations is feeling fresh mud between their fingers! It's therefore no wonder that the little ones are magically attracted to the mud room of the Feuerstein. On an area of 30 m², everything is allowed. Children shape ditches and reservoirs or castles and bridges with their own hands. There will be shovels, rakes as well as buckets and, of course, some useful waterproof trousers and boots!

Painting Studio

The kids' ideas emerge with the first brushstroke and all of a sudden it gets very quiet. Whether it's a tree or a colourful mess: free painting allows children to express themselves and unleash their imagination and stories. At the painting studio, where each wall serves as a canvas, children, teenagers and adults paint together during the parent-child time. Painting coats and paints are available.

Sports Arena

Such a great score! Football for today, basketball tomorrow and indoor hockey the day after? The 260 m² gym is open every day until 9 p.m. and is equipped for a variety of ball and team games – including goals, nets, rackets and balls. This is where solidarity and sports spirit come to life. And while kids and teens race around the pitch, their parents enjoy the match from the VIP box.

Play Room

Laughter, shouts and one challenge after the other are commonplace here. Young and grown-ups alike can meet in the play room, for even teenagers and adults don't miss out on a nice match of table football, table tennis, billiards or darts. Who's in?

Mini Play Room

The mini play room is a place for unrestrained enthusiasm, curiosity and ease: this is the place where little ones can explore and enjoy an age-appropriate environment that offers a wide selection of wooden toys and sensory-motor materials. First adventures are the most important ones!

Teenie Room

Now, parents please stay outside. As the door closes, it's time to enjoy privacy, laugh and play or just find a quiet corner to read a book. The teenie room is a meeting place for all boys and girls aged eleven and above! Teenagers are among themselves and there is space for their thoughts, wishes and needs.

Outside is our favourite place to be!

There are children's feet dancing around everywhere and trycicles and pedal tractors rushing by. Laughter, a happy chat or a "Daddy, look!" can be heard. The spacious garden of the Feuerstein is an adventure playground that features several worlds for all ages - from a sandpit for the youngest to a pirate's raft for the older ones!

Bathing pond

A glittering jewel and centrepiece of the Feuerstein: the bathing pond with a size of 30 x 30 metres. The warm season invites you to take a refreshing jump in the pond’s cool water while the soft and fresh meadow provides profound relaxation with wonderful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. But beware: little pirates spread fear and terror aboard the pirate’s raft!


The pleasure of movement: there is no other place where children thrive more than on the playground. Racing down the slide, keeping the balance on the slackline, having a go on the giant chessboard, swinging or romping on the trampoline. Meanwhile, the youngest ones dig and build in the sandpit whilst the adults enjoy the hustle and bustle from the sun deck.

Football Pitch

Every single shot, every pass and cheer unleashes the enthusiasm of the aspiring football pros! Enjoy a match with your kids as a family, with other families or join in the exciting adults vs. children match – organised by our childcare team as part of the parent-child time.

Bungee trampoline

Let's jump! High, higher and higher. Launch yourself skywards and feel as if you can touch the mountaintops towering all around. The bungee trampoline located in the garden of the Feuerstein is our latest add-on to the outdoor children's world and already everyone's favourite attraction!

Feuerstein mountains

At this place, even the little ones can reach their first mountain peaks: two reproduced mountains, the little siblings of the genuine Feuerstein summits. Once the aspiring mountaineers have reached the top, they encounter sculptures of the earth and the moon instead of summit crosses! This is sure to arouse the joy of mountaineering.

Tree houses and climbing stones

Climbing is so much fun - which is why there are so many opportunities here at Feuerstein! A little secluded in the forest that lies above the hotel, you can climb step by step high into the treetops to discover both of our tree houses as well as lots of climbing stones for exciting ascents!

Outdoor fun in winter

"It's snowing, it’s snowing! Come on, let’s go outside!" In winter, our hotel garden turns into a white wonderland to romp around and have fun in. There’s a magic carpet for first attempts at skiing, a toboggan run, an ice-skating rink and so much space for building the most beautiful snowmen or having a lively snowball fight.

Outdoor children’s world in winter

Magic carpet

Discover a whole new world on skis. Our little guests only have to step outside the front door to experience their first runs on the slopes. The hotel garden awaits mini skiers with our snow hill, which can be directly reached with our magic carpet and where they can enjoy their first descents and skiing attempts or participate in ski lessons for beginners – after all, every professional skier started out small!

Sledge riding

The sound of laughter and a loud "Whoo!". Whenever you hear these sounds from outside, you know it's time to toboggan at the Feuerstein. There's indeed a toboggan run running across our garden. Get your helmet and glasses on, then quickly drag the sled up to the starting point, sit down, lift your feet and go. Another round! And yet another… 

Ice-skating rink

Our best trick just requires a little winter magic: in the colder months of the year, we turn our popular football pitch into an exciting ice-skating rink which invites you to practice ice skating, play ice hockey or perform some graceful pirouettes! By the way, you don't need to worry about ice-skates or skating aids as they can be rented at the Feuerstein.

Winter at the Feuerstein

When the romanticism of snow meets exciting adventures on the slopes: winter turns the mountains of the Pflerschtal valley into a breathtaking winter paradise that preserves the serenity of nature, no hectic or noise at all. Discover the surrounding area!