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Feuerstein Group
South Tyrol
Unique five-star family resort surrounded by the impressive mountain scenery at the end of the Pflersch Valley.
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South Tyrol
High-quality apartments with wellness area and breakfast service directly at the ski and hiking area Ladurns.
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South Tyrol
Luxury chalet with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, private wellness oasis and garden in a peaceful area.
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South Tyrol
Exclusive gourmet restaurant at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort for a very special evening of culinary pleasure.
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Dolce Vita in the Alps: The LaMonte Bistro in Kitzbühel combines culinary excellence, alpine aesthetics and Italian lifestyle.
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Exclusive holiday apartments located right next to the valley station of the Hahnenkamm cable car in Kitzbühel.
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The Mountain Spa

Bonded with nature

Protective mountain peaks, gurgling waterfalls and sunny Alpine meadows. Here in South Tyrol’s Pflersch Valley, nature offers itself to you in all its pure wonder, gifting you with strength and relaxation during your family wellness holiday. The essence of this concentrated energy is yours to enjoy at the Feuerstein Mountain Spa, the first spa in Europe to run on alpine natural resources and offer age-specific development and meaningful quality-time for all generations.

Guests of all ages can immerse themselves in the mountains of the Pflersch Valley throughout the four stories of the MountainSPA and connect with the healing properties of water, warmth, wood and rock, the natural resources that find their true vocation in the exquisite Spa treatments.

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Our Philosophy

Here at the valley’s end, nestled in the heart of breathtaking natural surroundings, you can feel it all so clearly: The primal power of the mountains welling up inside, stirring within us and inspiring us here at this site where the energy of nature converges.

Here, where you find answers to the questions that burn within us: Where we come from? Where are we going? Where am I in life? How do I find balance in life? This site of power encourages us to live life mindfully. If I know where I am in life, I can find balance where it’s needed.

And we can also draw our energy from the natural resources which, through meaningful treatments in the Mountain SPA, become both a valuable assistance and a tangible essence.

Feuerstein Nature Family Resort is located in Fleres valley in South Tyrol, Italy.

Our Natural Resources

Our natural resources. Our sources of energy and our guides. By simply being true to their nature, they bring balance to all.

Water: the sparkling spring of life, never still. Feel lighter, let yourself go and see things clearly once more.
Warmth that comes from the heart. When you feel warmth, you feel closer to yourself, and more trusting towards others. Feel the comfort. Rock represents stability. Become aware of your own strength and power, and face life with courage and determination. Wood the primordial element. Rooted in the earth, always reaching towards the light. Allow yourself to grow, and open your being to renewed vitality and creativity.

Natural resources at Feuerstein Nature Family Resort are very much appreciated.

Our Partner: Vitalis Team Dr Joseph

Our partners are the embodiment of our sustainable, conscientious and natural care. Nature is of the essence for the certified biocosmetics Vitalis Team Dr Joseph, which aims to bring you the power of nature’s active ingredients through modern techniques blended harmoniously together with holistic products and treatments. The certified biocosmetics draw on the expertise of our Alpine culture, typical regional herbs and modern methods. 

Feuerstein partner Vitalis Dr. Joseph and his team work with natural ingredients.

NEW: Feuerstein Nature Cosmetics

The new highlight in our Mountain Spa: The new in-house cosmetics line Feuerstein Nature Cosmetics. It was developed together with Alpienne, the leading manufacturer of natural cosmetics.

Feuerstein Nature Cosmetics stands for pure, high-quality natural cosmetics. Each product contains highly concentrated, wild (or wild cultivated), organic and herbal active ingredients, nothing else. The most powerful, wild medicinal plants in the Alps are hand harvested and combined with certified, natural ingredients that are extremely effective.

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