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People pull together on the mountains. The closeness to one another gives you a sense of security, and you feel protected and cared for. Warmth does the same thing. The centrepiece of our family hotel is filled with comforting warmth in a sauna and wellness world filled with natural materials, soft shapes and soothing colours. The discreet aesthetic style of this oasis creates a relaxing atmosphere which makes the revitalising powers of nature even more apparent in the various saunas and relaxation areas.

Family Sauna

Take a family leap into a realm of gentle warmth, fine scents and warm colours. Three saunas make a wellness holiday with children a health-packed experience for all.

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Family sauna at the Feuerstein Resort in the Alps.

For Adults Only

Children are not permitted in the three saunas and the variety of themed relaxation areas. This means that adults can enjoy some me-time as they relax on wood, stone and luxurious relaxation loungers.

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Only for adults sauna at the Feuerstein Resort in the Alps.

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