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Feuerstein Group
Unique five-star family resort surrounded by the impressive mountain scenery at the end of the Pflersch Valley.
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High-quality apartments with wellness area and breakfast service directly at the ski and hiking area Ladurns.
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Luxury chalet with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, private wellness oasis and garden in a peaceful area.
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Exclusive gourmet restaurant at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort for a very special evening of culinary pleasure.
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Great for babies too

It’s a pleasure to be together in the family sauna in our wellness hotel

A sauna session has a multitude of positive effects on people. Sweating relaxes your muscles and spirits, strengthens your immune system and stimulates your circulation metabolism. The same goes for young children and kids, as recent studies have confirmed. This means that mum and dad can enjoy the pleasant temperatures of a sauna at the Feuerstein together with their child. Above all, children love the intense closeness and gentle contact with their skin as they sit on their parents’ laps; the soothing combination of warmth, wet and the delicate scent of wood do the rest. At times, families also have the chance to take part in a sauna-master ceremony.

Just a few minutes in the bio-sauna or the Finnish sauna are enough to bring your body and spirits into balance. Showered, dried and wrapped up in a fleecy bathrobe, covered with a blanket, you can cuddle up next to each other between sauna sessions in the snoozle corner of our family hotel, and wish that this heavenly feeling may never disappear. How soft your skin is after a sauna, and how pleasantly drowsy you feel – from baby to adult. For kids, the relaxation rooms with an array of family cushions and loungers are a soothing, aesthetically pleasing spot to relax, where muted light and natural materials radiate a particularly calming effect.

Even kids benefit from a sauna session: It strengthens the immune system, calms the respiratory system and improves the metabolism.

Baby pool

Sauna ceremony


Our teenage daughter loved the steam bath and was blown away by the salt exfoliation.