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Baby discovers the wonderful world of water at the Feuerstein

Even tiny kids are fascinated by the water, the shimmering, clear element that grasps their attention so fully. Our 15 m2 baby pool in the family spa offers you the chance to enjoy playing around in the water with your baby. At a constant 34°C, the water temperature works a positive effect on your baby at a level that’s more than skin-deep: The warmth reminds babies of their time in the womb .The close contact with their mother’s skin also strengthens their innate trust, and the gentle calming effects releases countless happy-hormones. Floating weightlessly in the water also promotes motor skills and is a whole lot of fun.

Babies move more easily in the water than on dry land, where their developing muscles have the force of gravity to contend with.

Learning and sensory pool

The happy smiles go far beyond the edges of the pool.

Family Sauna

Baby swimming