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Who’s the underwater memory champion?

An unusual challenge is in store for kids at the family hotel with swimming pool

Good physical and motor skills help children to develop their self-confidence. In order to encourage children’s natural urge to move, we offer your children more possibilities to live life to the full on your family mountain holidays. The didactic pool is just one of the attractions in our family hotel which promotes development. The pool is ten metres long and seven wide, and takes swimmers on a journey of discovery in a unique underwater world at a pleasant 30°C. Once kids jump in, they have to collect the picture cards with images of water animals. Whoever collects the most pairs wins the game and, as the victor, is the first to dive in for the next underwater memory challenge. It’s masses of fun for children, and promotes visual memory at the same time. Or how about an underwater obstacle course? Children develop their motor skills as they swim around the slalom poles and through rings at a variety of depths.

Splashing, swimming and diving with added value. An unforgettable experience for all kids who love the water.

Action Pool with water slide

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Swimming pond

The learning and sensory pool entertains children in a meaningful way.