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Outdoor Infinity Pool "The View"

Be in the FLOW: On holiday in the Dolomites

For many of our guests, swimming is their favourite sport. It relaxes stiff muscles, relieves joints and generally improves your fitness. The even, steady movement also create a kind of routine which calms the body and the spirits. And while you’re gliding through the water,  you experience the clarity of distance which helps to solve problems – and afterwards, you climb out of the water relaxed and balanced. The most beautiful place to enjoy the countless benefits of swimming on a family holiday can be found in our nature resort. The twenty metre long and seven meter wide outdoor infinity pool "The View" is in “pole position” by the swimming pond at the foot of the impressive rocky formations and endless energy of the Dolomite mountains. Feel the crystal clarity of the Pflersch mountain spring water for yourself and dive in to the outdoor pool. Thanks to the clean energy our hotel uses, it is a constant 28° - 30°C year-round. Just another reason to enjoy a morning dip in the outdoor infinity pool at our family hotel.

Whatever the season, it’s always time for a swim in the water-world of our family spa.

Family Sauna

20 Metres long


Action Pool with water slide

Floating weightlessly. Just me, myself and the sounds of nature.

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