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Where ski tours in South Tyrol are at their magical best

Infinitely mesmerising, and a sporting challenge to boot. On a ski tour in South Tyrol, you reach areas where other winter holidaymakers fail to arrive. Over snowy slopes, vast Alpine meadows and through mysterious woods, you ski ever onwards to the winter realms of the Alps, where the hush and still of winter reigns supreme. Nothing distracts you from your ascent to the peak as the sense of peace and freedom spur you on, filling your every thought, followed by the pure joy of the downhill stretch through the deep snow.

Located in the Stubai Alps, the Pflersch Valley is one of the most beautiful areas in South Tyrol for ski tours. Numerous routes lead through the high Alpine lands, and the famed peaks including the Tribulaun and the Weisswand peak are prominent landmarks. Experienced mountain guides are at hand for ski tours in the Pflersch valley, and equipment is available for rental at the Ladurns ski resort. Once a week, a tour leads out from the Feuerstein into the glittering snow. Well-equipped and on the heels of a guide, a skiing holiday in the Dolomites becomes a magical experience.

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