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Snowshoeing in the Pflersch Valley

An ingenious discovery adds so much to your winter holidays in the Alps

If you don’t want to keep sinking into the snow every two minutes, snow shoes are an absolute must. The large soles helped our forebears get through the winter, although they were made of wood and leather at the time. Today, this ingenious invention has evolved somewhat, and snowshoes are produced in cutting-edge high-tech materials which make it easy even for beginners to explore the snowy mountain lands.

On a snow shoe outing in the Dolomites hidden mountain pastures, abandoned mountain slopes and easy peak-trails are accessible even when they are snowed over. Far from the ski resorts, nature takes on a magical aura here in the heart of this solitude, rewarding walkers with an unrivalled intensity of impressions. Snowshoeing is an adventure that our guests here at the Feuerstein nature resort can enjoy once a week on a snowshoe expedition to the most idyllic spots in the Pflersch Valley with a professional mountain guide.

The soft side of winter- Complete hush as you follow solitary trails on snowshoes.
Nature active family holiday in the South Tyrolean Alps.


Weekly guided tour
The mountain guide has so many interesting tales to tell about the land.


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