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Sulky faces on holiday with teenagers? Think again!

At the hotel with a youth programme, action is the order of the day

When it comes to the choice of a holiday destination, experience shows that kids have a lot to say. Especially when it comes to teenagers on holiday in South Tyrol. The teenager programme offered by Flammi’s Friends motivates teenagers with action, fun and age-specific activities. With the light of the full moon, horror stories to tell and barbecuing with a stick, a sense of adventure pervades the air around the campfire. Or how about a trip to the high ropes course? Up in the dizzying heights, teens can put the balance skills to the test and climb trees.

The Teenie Room is laid out so that you can curl up with a comic in the reading corner, watch a DVD or simply hang around with other people of the same age. Teenagers aren’t glued to their smartphones for hours on end, however - the youth programme is calling for some fun and action: A play rehearsal is about to begin, and in the gym, the referee blows the starting whistle for a game of football.

Program Summer 2020

2 til 2.30 pm, defining the program together with the Flammi's Friends
9 til 10 pm, Teenie Program
9 til 10 pm, Parent-teenie time for sport
2 til 6 pm, Teenie Program
9 til 11 Teenie Program
5 til friday 2 pm: Camp for teenies from 10 years up
9 til 10, Parent-teenie time for sport

Rafting on the Eisack or high-rope course… At the nature resort, there’s something to suit every teenager.

Swimming pond

9 o’clock and the light’s still on in the gym? It must be another football party!
Teen Programme
Nature active family holiday in the South Tyrolean Alps.