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Flammi, the mascot

Your friendly, local fire salamander

It lives in the woods and mountain pastures of the Pflersch Valley with their spring ponds, brooks and mountain lakes. The fire salamander hides in the mossy banks, leaving its haven only when the weather is wet.
This rare amphibian with yellow flecks is one of the most protected animals in the Alps. So we’re even happier that a very special fire salamander has made his second home here at the Feuerstein. With his cuddly fur and his droll ways, is the star of the holiday resort. He loves children, and likes nothing better than a hug and having fun with kids. With his loveable ways, he has found many friends and we couldn’t imagine life at the Feuerstein without him.
The mascot takes part in a number of Flammi’s Friend activities, including reading hours, romping around with kids, and calls for a cuddle. You can even bump into Flammi in the family spa. It’s so warm and damp around the pool, that this is the perfect spot for the fire salamander from the mountains to relax and recharge his batteries. Wherever Flammi is to be found, meeting up with him is guaranteed to be a special experience for all guests at the Feuerstein.

Flammi is as unmistakeable as the fire salamander itself.

Play barn

A child’s best friend
Born in the mountains, Flammi has found his home in the Feuerstein at the end of the Pflersch Valley.
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