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Free-play in the mud

The sand pit: A space to play, have fun and develop social skills

In the unique mud room, creative builders need look no further on a family holiday in the Alps. Around 30 m2 large, it is THE attraction at the Feuerstein, whatever the weather. Pure water from the Pflersch Mountains runs into certified plays and to create a muddy landscape - complete with riverbed - so malleable that young hands can create all manner of things.
Child-friendly spades, rakes buckets and other tolls of the trade are in the sand ready for play, as are practical mud trousers and boots, so that kids can romp around in the mud to their heart’s content. They dig, shape and build, make sandcastles, hilly landscapes and caves, build dams, ditches and reservoirs. Everything that children like to see in a sandpit.

Educational value

Sports Arena

Young children learn how to play games with other children in the sand.

Swimming pond

Thank goodness for mud trousers! Even though the kids are rolling around in the mud, they go back to their parents in clean clothes.
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