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Unique wood workshop

Potter about with wood and a file on a holiday for children

Workbenches and children’s stools, a round painting table and a joinery corner can be found in the brightly-lit wood workshop "Holzwekstatt" at the Feuerstein family hotel. With wooden beams, natural materials and Alpine design, this area highlights the Alpine lifestyle that runs through the nature resort.

Under the supervision of Günther, children cut, plane, saw, file and join wood. The workshop master is always available to lend a helping hand, so that the home-made gift really does reflect what the young carpenter wants to create. Children can let their imaginations run free, strengthen their motor skills and rejoice in their first ever wooden guitar, made with their own hands.

The wood comes from the Pflersch wood. Either the carpenter supplies it to the Feuerstein or the children collect roots, twigs and bark on a group walk with our child carers. With these versatile materials, creating mythical creatures, hearts and animals is a piece of cake.

Children’s programme in the wood workshop and the art studio is offered several times a week.

In order to guarantee that all our little guests have the full attention of our caregivers and to ensure that our parent-child time is based on quality rather than quantity, you can make use of this offer up to two times a week.

Playing with wood and natural materials helps to develop dexterity and creativity.

Art Studio

Play barn

190 m2
Dad enjoys the supervised parent-child sessions in the workshop.

Magic carpet