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Feuerstein Group
South Tyrol
Unique five-star family resort surrounded by the impressive mountain scenery at the end of the Pflersch Valley.
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South Tyrol
High-quality apartments with wellness area and breakfast service directly at the ski and hiking area Ladurns.
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South Tyrol
Luxury chalet with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, private wellness oasis and garden in a peaceful area.
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South Tyrol
Exclusive gourmet restaurant at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort for a very special evening of culinary pleasure.
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Dolce Vita in the Alps: The LaMonte Bistro in Kitzbühel combines culinary excellence, alpine aesthetics and Italian lifestyle.
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Exclusive holiday apartments located right next to the valley station of the Hahnenkamm cable car in Kitzbühel.
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Our horses and ponies

A colorful bunch

From the small pony gelding Simba to our gentle giant Joe, from the snow-white grey mare Becky to our beautiful Haflinger lady Belina and the pitch-black gelding Shadow – our horses and ponies are a colorful mix. So everyone is sure to find his or her favorite riding partner.


Our black gelding appears Andalusian, although we can only guess which horse breeds he combines. However, we know that there is a Friesian involved. Shadow originates from Vicenza, he likes to show himself and possesses a strong and enthusiastic expression. 

He is very sure-footed in the terrain and likes to carry his rider across hills and dales.


Our Haflinger mare, from the breeding of Norbert Rier in the village of Kastelruth, is a true beauty. She shows an extremely lovable nature that is reflected in her tender gaze. Bellina likes to show her affection for people by laying her head on a visitor's shoulder, allowing them to hug her.

When saddled, she is very spirited and eager to work.


Davina is the oldest at our stable and has already some years of experience. Originally the warmblood is from Austria where she practiced professional equestrian sport. She loves to do rides into the woods of Pflersch.

Her calm temper is what distinguishes her and that's exactly how she likes to start a day: with a lot of peace and serenity.


Our white "princess" has her home in Spain. The gorgeous grey mare was trained in a riding school in Bergamo before she joined us to show off her beautiful lively gaits.

Becky loves to be groomed but also to take a nap in her box or out on the pasture.


Joe is the gentle giant of the stable. He is from the Pustertal valley and although we don't know exactly which breeds Joe combines, one thing is quite certain: his ancestors were very tall. With a height of 1.80 m, he always keeps an excellent overall view.

The imposing gelding has a lovely nature and is not easily fazed by anything.


Chris has come a long way. Born in Hungary, he travelled across the Czech Republic to Thuins near Sterzing to the 'SunHome' riding stable. That's where we immediately fell in love with him. He is very calm and relaxed and notices immediately when a less experienced rider is on top of him. For then he moves particularly carefully.

Chris appreciates it when you devote a lot of time to grooming and saddling him.


Our little Bella is, as her name suggests, a true beauty. Despite her size, she is in no way inferior to her bigger horse friends in the stable. Every day she starts with the motto: „I am small but OHO!“.

She likes to be groomed and to make walks, but what she loves most is delicious food and preferably a lot of it.


Our little brown pony is from Milan. In Italy, his breed is known as “Doppio Pony”, which literally

means “double pony”. He is bigger than a normal pony, but still much smaller than a horse. Kiko is always excited when you spend time with him and always strives to do his best.


Jans comes from the Netherlands. He is a full-blooded Shetland pony of first-class pedigree.

The little gelding is extremely clever and always up for some fun time. With his jolly nature he will make everyone laugh but, be aware, you must not underestimate him. Jans is very brave and likes to lead the way. True to the motto "If you don't know where to go, I know the way".

Pedro und Simba

These two little pony geldings are father and son. They are inseparable and love to play together. This is when they behave like two proper little wild horses. With Pedro, the children can enjoy pony rides while Simba, with his 2 years of age, is too young to carry someone on his back as he is just starting his training.

Simba has one special feature: in winter his coat is almost black, but in summer it turns into light grey.