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In the Pflersch Valley, you’re closer to the mountains than you’ve ever been

The backdrop of the imposing Pflersch mountain peaks are almost within hand’s reach here at 1,250 m a.s.l, inspiring you to enjoy a walking tour in the southern Alps. Hiking boots on, and it’s off and away. You can get straight to the mountain hut destinations of the Alps, including the Magdeburg hut and the famed Becherhaus with practically no detours. The mesmerising views of the Alpine countryside around your hiking hotel in the Alps never fail to impress.

Thick spruce woods, thundering waterfalls and mystical mountain lakes: At every altitude you will run into a natural stage setting of magic and beauty on a hike in the Dolomites. The restfulness and energy of these places of power work their magic on you as you breathe in the clear mountain air and feast your eyes on the mighty panorama of nature. The weekly guided sunrise walk on the Zinseler (2,422 m) is just one of the countless mountain tours in the Dolomites that you can experience here at the Feuerstein. That’s the stuff that the special moments of a hiking holiday in the Dolomites are made of.

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