Via Fleres 185 . 39041 Brennero South Tyrol
F +39 0472 770120 .
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Where our guest life pulsates, day and night

Feuerstein hour for kids is a break at the hotel bar for parents. Before bedtime, there’s still enough time for the cheerful, relaxing atmosphere of this spot to work its magic on you. Elegant lounge chairs, pleasant music and a stylish bar design. Behind the scenes at the family resort is a specialist, who pursues his profession with skill and passion that is clear to see. He will mix up your favourite cocktail to perfection, or offer you a taste of a whisky from South Tyrol. Or how about a prize-winning gin from Great Britain? Your holiday days draw to a close in the best way possible -  in our bar and lounge, beside a crackling fire with a well-mixed drink in your hand.

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Almost as if you were sitting in one of the “in” bars at home. Just that bit more relaxing, as we’re on holiday!
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Nice place for nice people
In summer, the hotel bar leads straight to the terrace so you can enjoy the mountain views and the scent of the woods along with your aperitif.