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Homemade just tastes better

The fact that our chefs are true masters of the stove is something that our guests will find out for themselves as they savour the taste of the Alps at the Feuerstein, from our homemade pasta made with the best of wheat, ravioli to the traditional Schlutzkrapfen pasta stuffed with freshly-picked spinach. The smell of freshly-baked apple strudel wafts through the air from the hotel’s own bakery, and even the jams, cordials and various ice creams are homemade. Our chefs love to recreate old recipes anew, and to break new ground in their culinary experiments. And always and ever with an abiding passion for the cookery profession and love of food - which, in keeping with our natural and sustainable philosophy, is used in its entirety wherever possible. 

Breakfast buffet with particularly local products.
Mauro P - Italy

Luxury board


If you suffer from food intolerances such as lactose intolerance or celiac disease, luxury board offers you tasty alternatives.
Homemade jam on crusty bread. That’s the way to start your holiday days!
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