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Luxury board gives South Tyrolean cuisine pride of place.

The South Tyrolean cuisine can count itself lucky: Situated on the border between two cultures, its Mediterranean and Alpine sides merge in Tina Marcelli’s recipes. We also place high value on sourcing our products locally, and they are delivered fresh daily. Every call to dinner during your stay at the hotel, breakfast and dinner alike, is an invitation to get acquainted with our homemade cuisine. Enjoy the mouthwatering variety at all times of day in our dishes, which also include vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free meals, as well as the popular children’s classics which also play a very important role. 


From 7.30 to 11 am in the morning, our guests can help themselves to their heart’s content from the richest breakfast buffet in the Pflersch Valley. Free-range eggs, fresh milk from local cattle, oven-fresh bread from the village baker will cheer the spirits of even the most hardened morning-hater, as will the refined sausage specialities, Alpine cheeses and vitamin-packed, freshly-squeezed juices. And if all of that doesn’t help, an Italian cappuccino or double espresso served with a smile is bound to do the trick. 

Breakfast - Luxury board at the family resort.

Midday bistro

Are you planning a day’s pampering in the family spa or enjoying the beauty of nature from the terrace? When you start to feel peckish, the midday menu will take the edge off in mouthwatering style. Choose your creative dishes of choice from the à la carte menu and enjoy a bite of homemade pasta or a light summer salad platter.

Midday bistro - Luxury board at the family resort.

Afternoon snack

The heady mountain air, countless outdoor adventures and playing in the countryside certainly bring on a hunger! Luckily, the afternoon buffet is on hand for a genuine South Tyrolean “Marende” snack with select, regionally-sourced products. Homemade cakes made to granny’s recipes in our patisserie also guarantee a lip-smacking treat. Sun-ripened blackcurrant, elderflower or lemon melissa from the garden. The homemade syrups, diluted with sparkling spring water from the Pflersch mountains, make a refreshing drink and are within hand’s reach to quench your thirst at the refreshment stations

Afternoon snack - Luxury board at the family resort.

Evening menu

Candlelight and fine table linen set the scene for the culinary highpoint of the day. With a 5-course menu of extraordinary creativity, our chefs once again demonstrate the gourmet experience that is possible with the ingredients of our lands. And while the parents are enjoying some alone-time, children can eat at the kids’ table with our child carers. Naturally, only if they choose to, and our young guests are free to make up their own minds from day to day.

Evening - Luxury board at the family resort.

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