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Feuerstein Group
South Tyrol
Unique five-star family resort surrounded by the impressive mountain scenery at the end of the Pflersch Valley.
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South Tyrol
High-quality apartments with wellness area and breakfast service directly at the ski and hiking area Ladurns.
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South Tyrol
Luxury chalet with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, private wellness oasis and garden in a peaceful area.
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South Tyrol
Exclusive gourmet restaurant at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort for a very special evening of culinary pleasure.
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Dolce Vita in the Alps: The LaMonte Bistro in Kitzbühel combines culinary excellence, alpine aesthetics and Italian lifestyle.
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Exclusive holiday apartments located right next to the valley station of the Hahnenkamm cable car in Kitzbühel.
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We reinforce regional cycles

Down-to-earth and rooted in our homeland. These are the values which guide us each and every day, and which we exemplify with enthusiasm. In our sense of social responsibility, we support the production of South Tyriol and if possible the Pflersch Valley. And we’re delighted to do it, as we are delivered products which are seasonal, fresh, and of the highest of quality – not to mention zero-kilometre, another contribution to protecting the environment. We also place great value on the quality of our foodstuffs, as in the rest of the family resort. We achieve this through species-appropriate animal farming, GM-free fodder, artisan production and independent inspection. In addition to this, the incomparable taste  of high-quality products from South Tyrol. This geographically favourable area, the fertile soils and a farming culture which has flourished for generations has created agricultural products which  inspire our regional cuisine to take culinary flight. We would like to offer our most heartfelt of thanks to the following producers:

Eggs from the Marginter farm

The free-range eggs from the Marginter farm in Gossensass taste so good because the hens breathe in the fresh mountain air, roam freely outside and are fed with natural foodstuffs. The eggs are collected carefully every day by Peter Marginter and are brought to the Feuerstein in no time.

The eggs come from the Mantingerhof in the Pflersch Valley.

Vegetables from Lenzen farm

A variety of vegetables are cultivated at the Lenzen farm in Ausserpflersch. A variety of lettuces, cabbage, red cabbage, kohlrabi, carrots, beetroot, courgettes, onions, leeks, rocket lettuce and potatoes all thrive in the nitrogen-rich soils. The fresh climate of this high altitude gives the vegetables an intensely aromatic flavour.

The vegetables for the hotel Feuerstein come from the Lenzen farm.

Herbs from the valley

Gabi and Sepp Holzer and Bernhard Auckenthaler are the green fingers behind the Wipptal Herb Garden. Together the dedicated herb farmers tend the Steirerhof in Wiesen and the Botenhof in Pflersch, two herb gardens with a range of altitudes and soil conditions that enables them to meet the natural needs of the plants to the full. The precious herbs and flowers are hand-harvested at auspicious “Balsamic Moon” times and brought to the Feuerstein as tea blends, aromatic herbs, liqueurs and syrups.

Fresh Herbs from the Pflersch Valley.

Meat from Carnerie

Verena Angerer and Alexander Guadagnini manage the Jörgner farm together on 1,470m in the Pfitschtal Valley. With much passion, experience and love, they take care of their pigs and cattle, so that only the very best quality comes to the table. Species-appropriate and organic animal husbandry you can taste! The Feuerstein even adopted a pig: our Frida will have a long life as a breeding sow.

Our very own pig at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort in

Meatery: the meat boutique

The Meatery - Meat Boutique from Olang focuses on quality meat from the region. Constant exchange and a good relationship to the farmers play an important role. The company even goes one step further by commissioning selected farmers to produce beef, veal and pork with the South Tyrolean Quality Seal. The South Tyrol Quality Seal guarantees the origin of the animals and offers complete traceability of the animals back to the farm. Only meat that meets the high standards is processed. This is one of the reasons why the production is kept manageable. This is the only way to guarantee the high quality standard.


The Meatery - Meat Boutique from Olang produces our high quality meat at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort in South Tyrol.

Arctic char from Salmone Dolomiti

With Europe's highest salmon smokehouse at over 1,200 meters above sea level, Benedikt Röser and his wife realized a lifelong dream. There, where you can feel the sky with your fingertips and where originality and genuine craftsmanship still have great importance. In addition to Scottish salmon of the highest quality from the North Atlantic, regional, South Tyrolean Arctic char and salmon trout are also refined here. Genuine craftsmanship and high-quality raw materials are the most important ingredients for the hand-smoked specialties. In addition to long resting periods, in-house spring water and hand-picked ingredients, smoking is done exclusively with apple-juniper wood.

Only the best of beans – Caroma coffee roastery

Völs at Schlern, 7 am. The day´s first raw coffee beans go into the drum roaster. 20 minutes later, an enticing aroma spreads through the air. A great deal of knowledge, experience and passion goes into each cup of Caroma coffee. The beans are selected for their quality, with a focus on organic cultivation and fair trade. Valentin Hofer – Italy's first coffee sommelier – runs the Caroma coffee roastery in Völs am Schlern. Here in the midst of mountains  in the fresh air, he processes coffee of the highest quality for a pleasure without regret. The raw coffee is gently and slowly roasted and packaged for sale by hand.


We use high quality locally roasted beans in our coffees at Feuerstein Nature Family Resort in South Tyrol.

Milk and yoghurt from the Sterzing dairy

Sterzinger yoghurt makes the hearts of all yoghurt lovers beat faster. It stands out for its unique taste. The best grass and clear water are on the menu of the dairy cows, whose milk is processed into yoghurt, butter and other delicious dairy products in the dairy farm on the green outskirts of Sterzing. They are milked daily by diligent mountain farmers. A milk collection vehicle picks up the milk and takes it directly to the dairy farm where the milk is processed within 24 hours. The price for one litre of milk varies according to the quality. The better the milk quality, the more the farmer gets for it. This is an incentive for constant top quality which can be tasted in all products. The most popular product is yoghurt: 1.5 million cups leave the Milchhof Sterzing dairy every day.

Milk and yoghurt at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort in South Tyrol is locally sourced.

Moarhof cheese dairy

Probably the best grey cheese in South Tyrol can be found at the farm Moarhof in the valley Ahrntal. Only milk from their own cows is used for production. The unique taste is not only owed to a special production process as well as to the loving treatment of the animals. Farmer Roland and his wife Claudia live and work on the farm Moarhof at 1300 above sea level. From the very beginning, it was important to both of them that the milk from their own cows will be used for cheese production. If you want to make a great product, you have to plan well every single step, starting with the care of the animals. These are kept at the farm Moarhof in a loving and species-appropriate manner and fed with high-quality feed.

They grey cheese served at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort is produced locally at the Moarhof farm.

Cheese from Genussbunker

Hubert Stockner, cheese master, fromelier and certified beer sommelier from South Tyrol in Italy proves taste: A natural cave in the tyrolean mountains - as a relic from the world war - serves as a maturing cave for his exquisite South Tyrolean and international cheese specialties. There he cares raw milk cheese from selected dairies several months or years and refines them to cheese specialties with a very special touch. The natural cave is for his climatic conditions ideal for ripening hard cheese, blue cheese or pecorino. All year round, there is a temperature of about 10° C and a humidity of almost 100%. This special ripening climate and the special microflora in the natural stone bunker give the cheese a creamy smooth texture and a special aroma. A ripening room without energy expenditure - pure nature so to speak.

Cheese served at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort in South Tyrol matures in a natural cave in the tyrolean mountains.

Wafers from Loacker

“Che bontà!” means Pure goodness! with every bite, since 1925. For all this time, we have been offering you the pure, natural goodness and pleasure of our magnificent creations. This long confectionary tradition started with Alfons Loacker, who first started making wafers in his little pastry shop in Bolzano. Really not much has changed since then: we now make all our delicacies at 1000 meters above sea level, high up in the mountains in Auna di Sotto and Heinfels, using only carefully selected natural ingredients, with no trace of any added flavors, colors or preservatives, and we pack our specialties fresh out of the oven to preserve their full fragrance. But, to achieve perfection, goodness demands more than this, which is why we are constantly committed to greater social and environmental sustainability. Because, at Loacker, goodness is a choice.

We serve South Tyrolean Wafers from Loacker at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort in South Tyrol.

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