South Tyrol

A modern place of power for families, surrounded by majestic mountains. On daily schedule:plenty of fun, games and free development!

South Tyrol

A small and very fine world of flavours at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort where you can truly experience the love of cooking and creating.


Dolce Vita in the Alps: The LaMonte Bistro in Kitzbühel delights with culinary compositions combined with an Alpine-Mediterranean lifestyle.


Aesthetics and fine living right next to the Hahnenkamm cable car: enjoy a luxurious holiday in our tasteful and sophisticated apartments.

South Tyrol

High-quality holiday apartments with wellness area, pool and breakfast service directly at the ski and hiking area Ladurns – perfect for nature lovers.

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Our adults-only spa area: how to experience a place of power

Published 25.03.2024

Waterfalls, alpine meadows and rugged mountain slopes. Nothing is as unique as nature. Especially when it reveals itself in the smallest of spaces, as in the rear Pflerschtal valley. Here at 1,250 metres, you are right in the middle of it all. Impressive rock formations tower powerfully the world at their feet, where water curiously and exploratively seeks its way through forests, meadows and rocky gorges.

Our adults-only area was inspired by the various geographical features of our home region. The area is designed like a hike, which makes your wellness time reminiscent of climbing a mountain. Ascending, metre by metre, step by step, the different levels combine to create a holistic wellness experience: beginning in the valley, through meadows and forests, on to the mountains on the horizon and finally arriving at a panoramic summit. Enjoy this soothing experience, where you can achieve a feeling of pure bliss and admire the magnificent mountains without any hiking boots – yet with even more peacefulness and relaxation. Pause, calm down, let go!

The valley

Ground floor

First of all, warm up: the "wellness wanderlust" experience cosily starts with a walk through a birch forest. The scent of wood fills your nose and here and there, you can see a bird. Finally, you reach an open clearing that invites you to linger: cosy seating areas, the "Forest Calm" relaxation room as well as the mild stone pine sauna and the soothing steam bath will revitalise you for the journey ahead. Take a deep breath, enjoy the peace and quiet and listen to the silence.

Meadows and forests

1st floor

The first "ascent" follows. Hiking calms the mind. The steady walking is relaxing, almost meditative. Then it is time to have a break in the midst of meadows and forests ... in the "Alpine Silence" and "Alpine Serenity" relaxation rooms, there is space for silence, recharging your batteries and admiring the surrounding mountain scenery! Look deeper into yourself. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Allow your inner peace to show itself.

The mountains in view

2nd floor

Heading up high. The closer you get to your goal, the more energised you are. Continue your journey with courage and determination, vigour and performance. Just before reaching the top, which is a magical attraction, it gets quite hot: in the Finnish sauna you really work up a sweat! But even if the path to the top takes energy, effort and strength, it's worth it and you get so much more in return!

On the summit

Roof terrace

You have reached the top! Arrive and surrender to the overwhelming feeling of happiness. Realise what this moment does to you. Listen to yourself and emerge refreshed, reborn and light. The reward: the gorgeous panoramic views, superb moments of relaxation in the whirlpool and a cold-water pool for ice bathing for a soothing cool-down.