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Yoga and Meditation in the mountains

Open yourself up to the energy of nature in the Yoga Loft

Like a tree, with energy flowing through its trunk... in the same way, Prana, or vital energy, is free through the gentle breathing and body exercises of yoga. Through the release of blockages, growth is possible and people are able to develop once more.

Through the Asanas, tensions are perceived and then dissolved, the muscles and the spine stretched and the inner organs strengthened. Even after the first hour, you can feel the relaxation in your body and mind, a sensation which can be taken a step further through meditation.

Yoga is, then, an important part of our health concept in the nature resort, and is a great favourite with our guests, even those who are beginners in this sphere. As a hotel with yoga, we have a unique Yoga Loft, where you can feel the warmth as soon as you step through the door, lit exclusively with natural light and a soothing aura. Located on the top floor and leading onto the rooftop balcony high above the holiday resort, the imposing natural backdrop with the sleek Alpine architecture, with large windows which dissolve the confines between room and nature.

Four-primal element meditation
Strong and steady as a rock in the Feuerstein family resort in South Tyrol.


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Just switch off. Beginners and experts find inner serenity through yoga.
Starting off your holiday days with a sun salutation at eye-level height with the Pflersch mountains.