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South Tyrol

A small and very fine world of flavours at the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort where you can truly experience the love of cooking and creating.


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South Tyrol

High-quality holiday apartments with wellness area, pool and breakfast service directly at the ski and hiking area Ladurns – perfect for nature lovers.

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The earth and the moon on our Feuerstein mountains

Published 14.01.2024

Many of you have probably already discovered our two Feuerstein mountains behind the football pitch. In this article, you can find out about the ideas and the wonderful story behind them.

The Feuerstein mountains

The Feuerstein mountains exist twice. On the one hand, it is a double peak, which is located at the far end of the Pflerschtal vlley right on the border between Austria and Italy and gives our hotel its name. On the other hand, the Feuerstein mountains can be found in miniature in our hotel garden.

The idea behind the small Feuerstein mountains was as follows: We want to make it possible for our youngest guests to climb their first mountain peak. On narrow paths, the safety rope firmly in their hands, they make their way up towards the summit. They have to overcome stones and master high steps. Once at the top, the little climbers can celebrate their great achievement.

And what should not be missing on a summit? That's right, summit crosses! Instead of classic crosses, however, we have opted for replicas of the earth and the moon. The special thing about them is that the two sculptures are the same size and at the same angle to each other as the originals.

You can find out how the earth and the moon once found each other in the following section.

The earth and the moon: the dance of life

Once upon a time, there was a fireball in the universe. This fireball glowed with heat, there was lightning and thunder. He was dominated by unbridled power and ferocity. No one could stand near him. The fireball was sad and felt infinitely lonely. He wished so much for a friend, a companion.

Suddenly, he saw a light coming towards him. It came closer and closer. This light was also a fireball, only slightly smaller, and looking for a friend just like him. The two hugged each other with joy, then let go again so that they could admire each other's beauty.

They became very close friends. Finally, they began dancing and ... the great fireball, which now had a companion, gradually became calmer. The lightning and thunder stopped. Rivers, seas and plants emerged on the surface. Animals and people were born out of joy and were able to grow.

From then on, the great fireball called his companion "Moon" because he loved its light so infinitely. The "Moon" knew that only the "Earth" could be such a beautiful, life-giving being. Together, they created a natural oasis in a wonderful place where people, animals and all beings could come together to live and grow in joy. They called this place "Feuerstein" (in English: Fire Stone).

Thor Volgger

About Thor Volgger

Thor Volgger is a Feng Shui consultant from the Pflerschtal valley. Together with the Mader family, he tracked down the individual power centres on the Feuerstein property. Various rituals were used to stabilise, strengthen or purify the energy fields.

"At the Feuerstein, there is a symbiosis between the hosts and the natural forces on site, they are in harmony. You can clearly recognise the hosts' joy in what they do there. This allows the place to blossom even more and develop its power," says Thor Volgger with conviction.